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A|oofWo|f (aloofwolf) wrote,
@ 2004-05-10 11:16:00
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    torture of Iraqi prisoners
    Don't get me wrong, the torture/humiliation of the Iraqi prisoners were inexcusable acts of cruelty. Some people, it seems, are just wired wrong. They like causing pain, or in this case humiliation. We are not talking about torture to glean information, (rigorous interrogation, as the media delicately puts it). This was for fun.

    So, this has all become A Big Deal. And rightly so; such acts by our military should not be condoned, accepted, or even ignored. It is bad for the U.S. image. Outrage has been expressed, condolences and apologies offered, and interviews conducted. The great national mill is churning. The international community has gotten its ire up as well, especially, and understandably, the Arab world. All in all, people are mad. As for myself, I would like to note that once again, America has become the international scapegoat. In case you had forgotten, Muslim extremists are still training children to be suicide bombers at Israel's bus stops. Where is the extended and worldwide outrage over such acts of atrocity? At least the Iraqi prisoners were adults. Why is it that the world looks the other way when elderly Jewish women are blown to sodden, bloody, mangled bits, yet berates Israel up one side and down the other when they take matters into their own hands and assassinate some of their key enemies? At least Israel's actions were precise. After 9-11, I do not recall massive international outrage and a general cry for action against the countries that perpetrated these crimes against us. To the contrary, when America took matters into her own hands, and, with her loyal allies, retaliated against those responsible, we were denounced as war-mongerers, accused of being an international bully, and admonished over and over to try and accomplish things through "diplomatic channels." Saddam Hussein did not attempt to reach peace through diplomatic channels. Instead he lied and connived, all the while engaging in violence and death-dealing. At least we tried working through the U.N.. We tried for ten years, ever since Desert Storm.

    And as a last politically-incorrect opinion, consider this: from a purely human standpoint, is it so unbelievably weird that U.S. soldiers would want to retaliate against the Iraqi's in their custody?

    What they did was unjustifiable. What they did was understandable.

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