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Everything Is Unfinished (allthesedemons) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 11:25:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Pink Floyd- The Wall

    Nyeah! Nyeah! Nyeah!
    Yes, here is my new blurty. It was suggested to me that I get one from the abookshelf thingy like a lot of the people in the chatroom I attend are doing, but nahhhhhh, I wanna be different.

    I had an interesting night last night. It was Friday night.. so.. as always, I went out. There was a play at my old school, which I attended at 7:30. It was great, I was really surprised. They did "Ax Of Murder" and its quality of greatness was quite surprising to me. It was nice seeing old friends. My buddy Jason had a lead, which was great to see.
    Some other friends.. Jude, Jake, Xie, Butler and I went to Brother's. It was teen night. It was allright... not as fun as it was last month, though. This time they had a really shitty DJ, instead of a live band. I have to say I was liking "The Everyday Heros" ... not the fat DJ. But the people there were okay, and we went for coffee afterwards.
    We met Jase, Vincent and one of our teachers, Omen, at Poachies. Omen was there kind-of by default, so him and his friend sat with us.
    I was out untill 2 AM. oops. So.. needless to say.. my "go out on Friday night" pass has been revoked for a couple weeks.

    Plans for today: Work in the afternoon. Meeting Kuhner and Larry for dinner at Chipotle at 6:30. Working on my Painting III expressions project when I get home.

    This project is taking a lot more time than I expected it to. I'm doing a set of five pictures... all pertaining to John Lennon. And, five of myself doing the same types of things. The first three Lennons are done.. but I dont know what I think of them. My intent was kind of marred.. and it looks bad, I think. I don't know. I'll have to work on it. He looks good, but then again the sole purpose of the project is not to just "look good." The paintings have to mean something, too. *sigh* I dont know, Ill have to see how things turn out, I suppose.

    Allrighty... bye bye for now...

    you took your life as lovers often do, starry starry night

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