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m&m heartie (allstar03) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 19:25:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:"Staceys mom"

    The w0rLd is TWiSteD A oNe...
    2 updates in one day. Wooohoo. Not common me. But I'm bored. And so I decided to update! :) :) clever...

    Morning: I'm such an early person so I talked to Cameron. Hes an evil russian and he claims that he is an evil russian ( even has a screen name of it XDD lol ) ... but its true! Whenever I go to his profile, it blacks me out...grr. Always playing little jokes. But thats all okay. Hes still like a brother I never had!

    DEBATE!!!!!! Me and Kylie are very debative. We were debating whose hotter: Orlando Bloom or Mike Shindoa from Likin Park. IMO ORLANDO BLOOM IS HOTTER XDD So she won the debate. Oh was long lol.

    Afternoon: -sighs- I dont remember what happened here. I went outside and saw my little rockstar and his friend. So I hung out with them and did my jogging afterwards. Cameron got a new screen name..again. heh. my friend nikki got a new one. we're all doing zodaic screen names. I'm a libra. And people sugguests: B0LD x LiBRAz. mmm cause I'm such a bold girl. :)

    Night: Kylie and I had another debate. But it lasted an hour and a half this time. Wow....we're very debative. Shes my debating sistah now! weEeEe. I won this time. :) :)

    But I still terribly miss my Austin. He meant the world to me. But i know hes being a good angel up there, looking at me. :) I LOVE YOU AUSTIN LIKE A BROTHER!!! x0x0x R.I.P.

    Alright thats about it...

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