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MalignantDesire (alligatorrobot) wrote,
@ 2004-04-15 12:40:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Marilyn Manson - I put a spell on you.

    Well, I suppose I should not make the assumption that society is breeding itself into some breathless, dead society that has either no morals, or a shit load of messed up ones, but really, its hard these days. On another topic, right now I am looking for songs about sex. Or, rather, songs in which to procreate too. Not that I would use them for such a thing, just interested in what people phornicate too these days..Oh, and regardless of the way I sound in the start of this thing. I am in a pretty good mood... Well aside from being ridiculously tired from staying up to late drinking...heh. Yeah.....

    "When I think of the number of times I have stolen stuff from me, or lied to me about the truth, put myself in dangerous situations, not help myself out of dangerous situations, grabbed my own arse, incited myself to sexual intercourse, assaulted myself, injured myself, second hand smoked my own cigarettes, took national exams instead of me, I think I better hide from the FBI."

    This was someone's response to the case where the 15 year old girl got arrested for sending pornographic images of herself. (And got charged for Child pornography... blah blah) I thought it was humorous.

    This is funny too:
    "In 1994, US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was dismissed because of public condemnation over her casual aside at an AIDS conference that perhaps masturbation should be taught in school."
    I thought that was great. I now want to make here my cult leader.
    Wow I seem to be all over the quotes today. Perhaps it is because I have nothing of insane importance to say here myself. I really don't want to start any shit about what my friends are doing or any melodramatic crap that I could add in here. When I see other people doing that, it pisses me off. I mean, its not so bad if it is every once and while, or if they make it a somehow generalized statement (As if they could be talking about your stupid behaviour, rather then a friends). But really, if its just "Bill walked over to the store today, I met up with Allah, and Simon tried to kill me dog." Then maybe you should reconsider writing a web journal, and take up just talking to your friends about that shit. I mean, there the only ones that know what the hell you're talking about. Okay, so this is not a really big deal to me, but in honest truth, I have added nasty comments on a number occasions to peoples web journals because of it. "I hear Bill's dead. And Simon slept with your girlfriend. And he's dead too now. signed- Anonymous-" Alright I am hungry and don't feel like complaining anymore.

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