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Allie (alliebug007) wrote,
@ 2003-01-21 21:46:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Missy Elliot *Work It* LOVE THIS SONG GUYS!!!

    omg my mom n i had the biggest fyte on the way home from was so gay too...lyke def not gonna spill ha

    engl was interesting teacher is a flake...i swear! wow bitchy too...but anyway we're reading Lord of the FLies shes lyke "well lets pretend we're on a diserted (sp) island...what would oyu do? o n btw im going out of existence-no adults allowed!" im lyke omg can this class get any worse? anyway it was completly chaotic...jordy's lyke "im in charge of reproducing!" im lyke jordy sweetie no ones gonna fuck you but nice try (esp if we're all hungry tehehe) n this other completly *WEIRD* guy chris or something starts pretending to build something at the back of the room. we're all lyke wtf? n hes lyke "o jus building some weapons!" GAY yuck english!!!

    so then in bio i told nick that i saw the bob the builder lollipops at bed bath n beyond cos yuh kno hes got that fucked up new fetish or whatever n hes lyke "dude why didnt you buy me one?" i was lyke "you could get it yourself" hes lyke ok ok fine...but he still looks good tho so s'all good ;0)

    i didnt see conor today *tears tears* n i got to lyke talk to kons none...but he n sara are gonna crip tom before geometry so it'll be a laugh...a good one def ha

    you know who else is really hott? besides patrick john charlesworth...i never talk to him anymore but lyke i saw him today (i usu don) n i was lyke hmm yuh know he's kinda lookin' good yes!

    wow i still gotta do my geometry hw...def not funn times ha...i hate that teach too wow bia! n he has gay clothes yuck

    ok so im def horny guys n in need of a fucking fine well fuck...n shit...hahaha no details lol....well....if a good one comes along then i'll share...*crosses fingers* yeahh riight

    aiight im out...gots to flip the laundry! sweet (ha no)

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