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Allie (alliebug007) wrote,
@ 2003-01-26 19:41:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:the TV yes nice

    yeahh ok so my mom is making me so mad this week!!!! argh god i swear...she's out to make my life as boring as possible yuck->lyke ok...friday nyte after our swim meet she wont let me go out to dinner w/ the team so lyke i mean we still went out alone or whatever n it was aiight->but lyke then i found out it was only a few people w/ jonah n i was so mad! it would be so funn to go out to dinner w/ jus lyke him n 3 or so other people->ah hes so hot! so im lyke ok no biggie y'know...cos on sat he asked the team to go to see the premeire of this indie film he's in->but then matthew gets sick so my mom is busy and cant drive me after practice but my dad's home...n he's lyke no i don think so...i think we have to clean. so i don get to go to the movies w/ my friends n see jonah make an ass of himself which would have been so great...instead i have to come home and clean the house for a party im not even allowed to attend!!!! ah!!! and now since we have a teacher work day tom i asked my mom if she'd have time to drive me somewhere w/ my friends on mon n shes lyke sure i make plans with my friends to go to the movies tom during the middle of the day when shes not busy...n now shes lyke no no i dont want to have to drive you home after four go ask your friends to change the time. n im lyke mom they're not gonna change it! its too many people! n shes lyke go ask im sure they will! im lyke they wont! but so i go ask anyways and of course they wont cos its too many people n i guess i understand or whatever but...still im pissed!

    it keeps happening too...lyke everybody makes plans to go out on the weekend and i can never go cos no one will drive me that far away. lyke kim's always lyke lets go to southpoint to go shopping or the movies...n im lyke i cant get a ride to southpoint! its lyke an hour from here! go somewhere else! i don kno why she always wants to go there cos its far from her too and from lyke everyone else...but spoiled lil kimberly can get her parents to drive her where ever she wants. AH!

    kim's really making me madd lately...lyke i think we're too much alike in some aspects...lyke we both always have to be right you know? so it causes so much conflict...ah...lyke today shes lyke lets go out to lunch before the movie tom (this was when i thought i was still goin0 n im lyke i don have the money to go out to lunch n then to a movie cos megan's bday is today n i still gotta get her present. n shes lyke o ok well you can jus go to the movie then...but it came across lyke really harsh...god...n then she was askin me who else was coming to the movie n i told her lyke emily, emily, megan, ali, n that ali was askin ben to ask some more guys or something and so he was gonna ask madikay to ask nick cos megan lykes nick and im supposed to ask patrick to come bcos kim lyke loves i told her that if we ask nick for megan then patrick won come cos he thinks nick is lyke the biggest fag ever and cannot stand him. n kims lyke "no they arent inviting nick" n im lyke yes they are...ali's getting ben to ask him! n shes lyke "no hes not invited" im lyke kim he is!! n we argued about it for lyke ever n finally she gives in n is lyke "well emily said he wasn't" n im lyke maybe emily hasnt talked to ali cos then she wouldnt kno...n then emily imed me n i told her nick was invited and she told me she hadnt known. but argh kim! shes jus been acting so bitchy lately. lyke permanent(sp) pms i swear! lyke she tells me things that are wrong n i'll correct her lyke nicely or whatever you know (im not mean or anything i swear ha) n she always goes n gets all pissed.


    so i talked to bam a bunch more last nyte mmm nice...i had to get off line n hes lyke don go don go...n im lyke i have to! n i had to go...n hes lyke i love you! lol hes so cute!

    aiight guys im out fo' now-> back to the superbowl game n fear factor (scorpians n fire so far ugh)

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