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Shelli (allfuckedup666) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 15:05:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:D12 My Band! lol gansta

    Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray
    Blah today was okay. I wasnt supposed to go to school so like I hid underthe bleechers! lol. I'm going to do that 2morrow. LoL. err I am so tired and I have DOUBLE gymnastics. LoL. Ekk I love ray. I dont know what I just did that but o0o the fuck well. Grr you know them comerchails (Did't spell right) well n e way u know the one's that have the medicine for ppl that have heads like ballons? Well thats how I feel. Is that weird? LoL well n e way I have a science fair project that needs to be done and I dont know what the hell to do. Erk lol. I wanna work by mi self but I gotta work with this hippi girl. LoL. That she is so stuck on doin the stars and shit but I want to do people reaction to events that happen every day like what should you do when you get kid naped and shit and what do you do if there is a tornado and shit. o0o well I g2g gotta wait 4 ray ray to call me. LoL. And omg guess what yesterday was our 7month anvi. and we both 4got. haha. I gotta tell him about him self. lol. Love ya

    <3 Shelli & Ray

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