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Geoff (allennecro27) wrote,
@ 2004-02-24 00:05:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:"Dancing Through Sunday" by AFI

    With Online Capabilities
    So much has happened in the past couple days. Friday I went to Joe Fitz's house for the first time. We watched Family Guy, ATHF, and the Tenacious D video. I asked Joe for a drink and he actually got me a drink. I didnt think he would do it. Shocked the world. Then Saturday we went out to eat at Outback Steakhouse for Brian's b-day. All the bastards kept makin fun of me because I wanted a seperate check. People like Joe realized that night that it is a good idea. A lot of us got ripped off. We ended up leavin the waitress a tip that had at least $3 in random change. I finally found out that Alicia stayed over her friends house over the weekend because I had no idea where she was for 2 full days. Her brother IMed me at like 8 in the mornin Saturday sayin Emergency then when I tried callin no one was home so I got really freaked. I was sick up until like late Sunday night because I ate way too much at Outback. I did nothin in school today either. Frig that. First day back like hell Im doin work. I even did like 90% of my Latin packet which is fuckin amazin since I usually do nothin in that class. I found out the coolest thing. Thanks to Bush my mom is gettin back a couple thousand dollars. She said she would pay for me to go to drivin school. That means Im even closer to bein with Alicia now ^_^ I friggen fire happened at work. We all had to evacuate the building. Me and Jamie were standin out there like lets leave. Shaws blows. Im out.

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