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kristi lynn (all_my_lubeds) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 12:59:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:jingle bells::barbara streisand

    be silly::be honest::be kind
    so i woke up at 9 am thursday morning and did not go to bed until friday nite at 1230am. (so techinally it was saturday i guess) yeah so pretty much awake for 39 straight hours is not a good thing. i woke up thursday morning at 9 so i could bake both my sweet potatoe casseroles (MmmMmm) before headin off to my 2 thanksgivings. then when kelli and i got back aound 11 we stayed up decorating the house with christmas stuff:) this brought us to about 3am...i had to be up at 445 to go shoppin the next day so we just stayed up.....this brings us t friday where we shopped all day except when i went to work at 1130 and left at 115....leading to shopping again and of ocurse cheddars. then straight to my dad's where me, brandon, ryan, kelli, dad, and meghan played poker until i left for erics soccer game at 9 and got back home at wake up at 10 and work 1130am-1030pm :( :( that was the biggest mistake i have ever made but it was all worth it. which brings me to now...courtney, josh, eric, ryan, and jake were over last nite and we just sat around and hung out and were all amused by jake's choice language and computer surfing. haha now, i gotta get ready to go to toledo with ryan to shop some more and eat at lonestar!!!!!!!!!!

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