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DoNt QuEsTiOn My HeArT (all82ndamerican) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 02:27:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:my song

    dreamz of u
    ok i wrote this song and ya idk if itz good but ya comment and tell me itz like ya idk here it is

    "dreamz of u"

    itz nitez like these
    were i cant sleep
    thinkin bout what we had and how it used to be
    now all i have is this little symapathy
    that is left wit me
    of how this all should be

    i wake up from a dream of u
    to find out that it was all fake
    as your love for me once was
    itz out the window

    like a cigarette that sitz there and burnz
    sittin there burnin me inside thinkin of how i had u
    and how much i miss u
    and how i will do nethin to get u back
    and hold u in my armz and fell your breath

    whisper the wordz u kno i wanna hear
    the wordz that will win my heart
    and will for many yearz
    but that could alwayz cause so many tearz
    then i remember how u treated me

    and i alwayz wake up from these dreamz of u
    to remember all those bullshit wordz u said
    sayin love thatz all it meant
    sayin it was sayin it was true
    i cant beleived i gave all i had to u

    so now im here all broken hearted
    tryin to remmebr how it all started
    i was young and foolish
    and followed my heart
    and look were it lead right back to the start

    ive been down the same street once before
    but this one hurt even more
    i look in your eyez all i see is misery
    but u didnt seem to tell me how u felt
    u just decided to kill me in side
    and tell all those liez

    then i wake up from these pathetic dreamz
    and remember how it use to be
    wit u right her and me right there
    and we were found together everywere
    i loved u to death loved u to pieces
    id die for u just so u can live your life
    and i was hopin u would have been my wife

    then thingz got cold that one nite
    when we got into that one teribble fight
    and all those liez came out
    and my heart fell to the ground
    it was to shadeered to pick up
    and thatz how it is when i hear your voice
    prayin u want me but knoin itz not true
    that i wont spend my life wit u

    -Ryan Clutter

    ya told ya it sux but comment on it newayz
    down by seventeen-dreamz of u
    me n seanz band lol

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