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Sarah (alisaperne) wrote,
@ 2004-07-31 21:05:00
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    Current mood:Just kinda there...
    Current music:FIF!

    The Levee
    My parents wanted family outing day today, so we all went to the levee. When we got there, I had the choice of seeing 'I, Robot' with my mom, Ellye, Cuyler, and Carter, or hanging out with my Dad, Colin, Camden, and Calla. I didn't really feel like seeing a movie so, I went with hanging out with everyone else.

    We ended up hanging out at gameworks most the time, which is pretty cool. I played that drumming game for a while, it was fun! But, I was pretty bad at it. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got two new FIF CD's! Isn't that awesome!? Well, I think so.

    After all that, we ate at Fat Fish Blue, and I wasn't all that hungry and didn't like sea food, so I ate come chips and dip and listened to Colin cry about eating there. He's such a baby! The day was fun for the most part, though.

    I think I was supposed to go out with Kyle, Ryan, and Kaitlyn tonight, but I never heard from them, so I'm guessing they left before I got home. But, it's cool, I'm kind of enjoying just being able to sit comfortably in my room by myself.

    So, there's like 2 weeks before we go back to school and I still have 700 pages of my book to read. This sucks. I guess I'll go work on that now!

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