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Sarah (alisaperne) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 18:03:00
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    Flying Keyboards
    Yeah...I haven't updated in a while and Kaitlyn said i here goes. hmm....Kaylee is about to kill me and rebekah...someone help me! she wants to kill us becuase we won't tell her our lil inside joke that is really really funny. but if we told her we would prolly scare her off so i told her kaitlyn can tell her but she's still about to kill us. it freaks me out! but it's really funny. heheh. i fnished this book, Execution of Innocence, to day. it was really good, but very odd. and i know i've read it before but i only remembered one important part which is actually really cool becuase it's kinda of a mystery and if i know what happened it wouldn't have been very interesting to read about. it was really weird though, becuase Charlie loved Mary and Mary loved Charlie, but Dick hated Charlie and wanted to sleep with Mary cuz he thought she was hot, and Dick's twin Hannah was also in love with Mary and cuased this whole big thing. it was weird. but it was pretty awesome, i liked it. it was too short though and that's no fun. oh, and by the way Kaylee this is my 7th book i've finished in keyboarding class. haha! i need more books...kyle give me some other good ones.

    band class was interesing today. me and jeremy got bored so we kept playing all the half notes or longer in chords and then brad joined in and it sounded awesome. then eric kept looking at us funny..but you know he does that everyday and it's really annoying. why do you give us that look eric? you look at us every time we stop like 'what the hell are you doing?' well, what are you doing?? then mr. brown told us to stop adding extra notes, so me and jeremy stopped but brad is dumb and wouldn't. i think we should challenge again! i know i can beat him and i know he's scared that i can so just let me do it all ready!..i really hate concert band. and i feel like a really awful player because of some of the people that are in wind ensemble that i know are actually not that great, but they're in there and i'm not. oh well, maybe i'm not really as good a player as i thought.

    after school my parents picked me up, which they never do, unless it has something to do with band, and thsi time it didn't. adn they were like well now you have to do some chore becuase we took time out of our life to pick you up. i was can't pick me up from school every once in a while? when they pick shelby up every other day cuz she just runs around after school. but i feel really bad cuz i keep asking my parents for money cuz of band and everything and they're getting annoyed becuase they really don't have any. and i alwyas use my money when i have some so i don;t use theirs that they need, but i've spent all the money i've saved on band and anything else i need, so i have to keep asking them now but they don't have any either. my grandma sends us money all the time but she's running out too. but my dad has 2 interviews comming up for fifth third bank and wer're really hoping he gets it. we know he won't make as much as he used to, but it will be better than nothing. and i hope jeff gets a job too...he's 20 and living in our house he needs to help out. my mom is getting so annoyed with him cuz he jst lays on the couch all day and does nothing. he's really dumb most the time.

    today carter asked me if i would play my saxophone with him while he played his oboe. it is really weird to read obey music and play it in your key. i was surprised at how well i could do it, but then again it was only 6th grade music, so it shouldn't be that difficult. carter's not really that bad though. it's pretty cool. but then i would play something that he liked and he kept making me tell him what the notes would be on the oboe. it was funny to see him try to play some stuff..but alteast he's actaully trying stuff and everything. but i'm going to stop typing ofr a bit cuz the girl that sits behind me in keyboarding threatens to throw the keyboard at me head so i don't want to get even faster have her kill me or something. its pretty creepy. later.

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