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Alice Is (aliceis) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 04:55:00
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    John's getting his first job. I'm really happy for him, but I hope it doesn't start taking up too much of his time. I wanna still be able to see him.
    Hopefully he'll have more money though. I've become extremely addicted to sushi and chocolate. Mostly sushi right now. I crave it often.
    Speaking of sushi, John and I went to Yae Sushi, a little place here, neatly tucked into a shopping center. After we finished eating our sushi, since our waitress didn't take away our plates fast enough, I decided to eat a wad of wasabi with the diameter the size of a quarter. Oh, it sucked. I know how the guy in Jackass felt when he snorted it... Well, maybe not that bad. I wanted to throw up though, and my stomach hurt the rest of the night. Amazingly, my body didn't purge itself as I thought it might. My stomach's stronger than I thought.
    My gynecology appointment went fine. I was nervous up until I got naked and then dressed in paper. I would think I would get more nervous once I got to that point, but, I didn't. I ended up not having a UTI anymore. He told me to stop drinking as much as I had been. Only water for two weeks, and only when I was thirsty. It didn't really help me pee less, but... I dunno. It never burns anymore. I don't have to pee like a super-monkey, just a monkey. I dunno. I guess I pee a normal amount of times every day now. But, I used to be able to get through a whole day at school without using their disgusting bathrooms even once. Now, every day, I go at least once, if not two or three times. I feel dirty. Ewww.
    I went to the beach with John this past Sunday. It was fun. Porter, his girlfriend, and Scott went too. Actually, Scott drove. Poor Scott, never seems to have a date. I wonder what's up with that? He's attractive, he's not stupid, he doesn't have a bad personality, he's not smelly kid in the corner... Hmmmmmm? This little chick named Mandy liked him, but she's a freshman, and there was this other chick chasing him around, but she had a boyfriend. Weirdness. I felt bad for Porter's girlfriend too, 'cause he cheated on her recently, and she doesn't know. He was being very sweet on her too. I wanted to smack him. She's a sweet girl too.
    After the beach, we stopped at John's house so that he could change. I stole one of his shirts. I like wearing his clothes, even though they're way too big on me. He wears an extra large (in guys' clothes, of course), I could probably fit nicely into a small or medium. It's okay though. I've been sleeping in it. =P Muahahaha. There's blue stuff on it though, 'cause I've been trying to keep myself from peeling with this Hawaiian Tropic ICE stuff. Moo. I got burnt pretty badly, probably because we spent most of the time in the water, rather than just laying out. Everyone but Scott and Porter forgot a towel. Dumb us.
    Anyway, that's all for this month. =P Or year. Who knows. I've been writing in way too many journals to be able to keep one going smoothly. Someday I'll integrate them all. Hopefully Blogger and Livejournal never crash. I'll be screwed. =D Yay.

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