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Alice (alice1211) wrote,
@ 2011-12-13 10:47:00
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    Fashionable Formal Dresses Styles for under $100
    The trick to tracking down your bargain formal dress is to decide on a style to suit you, to fit the occasion. Then, let the shopping begin!

    1. Dress style looks at your invite and determines which category applies: Formal long length, lure fabrics, tailored bodice, ball or evening gown. Cocktail knee length for flared styles, slightly longer for fitted/clinging fabrics, less formal ball/evening gowns. Party cocktail dresses online australia, skirt/top combination.

    2. Color if you're unsure which colors suit you, hold up something in the shade to your neck so you can see how it suits your skin tone and image. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    Black - a classic, striking formal choice. Red a bold, statement color. Jewels rich colors to define your individuality. Pastels perfect for day formal, or choose a strong pastel in a lure fabric for sweet evening style

    3. Shape which neck lines and lengths suit you? If you are unsure, a good sales assistant will be able to advice. Strapless, halter and heart shaped necklines are all elegant choices but their effect will vary depending on length, cut and proportion.

    4. Wardrobe checks your closet for hidden gems. Using something you already own will save precious pennies for the dress of your dreams!

    With a few ideas in mind, you can start your search.

    Recent revivals of the 50s-style prom dress and the pink cocktail dresses online have introduced these formal designs to a wider range of stores. For fun cocktail dresses, stores like Primark stock the essential trends. High street stores Crisp and Mayfair in the UK

    Is always a good bet for affordable glam in the UK, and provide a range of dresses, skirts and tops in a co-coordinating range, allowing you to tailor an outfit to the formality barometer reading of your event. If you're looking for a longer length or very evening dresses online, you may need to look further afield, as they focus on a party/cocktail look.

    The wonderful thing about classic formal dresses 2012 online is that, though they may change a little from season to season, this is one area of fashion where staple styles remain constant.

    Use this to your advantage, and head for outlet stores to pick up quality garments at pocket-friendly prices. Out-of-town outlet villages like Bisector Village

    In the UK, and department store outlets, such as the US

    Store Nordstrom Rack; let you shop around between brands. Outlet villages in particular can be a great day out, usually hosting popular restaurants and cafes, if you're willing to journey out of town to reach them.

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