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Ali (alibear117) wrote,
@ 2004-02-14 02:49:00
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    Current mood: quixotic

    it's either really late at night or really early in the morning
    well noelle and i just finished making valentines for all my friends up here at school. we spent about an hour at wal mart buying the stuff and about 2 and a half hours making them. while we were at walmart guess who i ran into!!!!!!! you can't tell me the numerous amounts of exclamation marks?!?!?!? none other than.... THOMAS!!! he saw me and was like "petrie!!". then gave me a hug. then i told him were were making cookies for our friends, well really just decorating them, and he was helping Christy shop for her man i think. then when she found what she was looking for she was like hey we gotta run. so then he's like aww you have an awesome weekend and gave me a huge hug. and noelle is just standing there watching me while this is going on and he finally realized that she was my friend and was like hey i'm thomas! so after he left noelle was like omg ali i'm excited about that and i'm not you. i mean really 2 hugs from him in about 3 min! i was like i know i want to do a girlie shreak right now but i won't. yea i got 2 hugs from him in 3 min but that's nothing compared to jordan's hugs that last 3 mins each.

    ok so last night was a busy one. i went to my book study for 5:30 then we finished around 6:45. and jacob is always bugging us to stay for weekly events and we never can stay cuz we have homework. so he talked us into staying for a while. but first went for a ride with jordan to pick up his dinner. then back to the foundation where we played silly games. it's hard to play one of them being as highly tickleish as i am. Leah was cracking up laughing at me. i got a ballroom dancing lesson from jordan. it was so random. i was standing there laughing with Leah and he comes up, puts his arm around me, takes my hand and puts the other on his shoulder. i looked at him and was jordan you're so tall this is going to be difficult. but then we danced for a min or 3. gosh he's so cute. so i finally got back to my room about 9:15ish. i ate my subway, then went to visit with candice and then did some homework. shad came to visit and he was teasing candice and jessica about something, and i said something that shad was like aww you poor thing and kissed me on the forhead. i was like shad the depressing thing is that's the 4th kiss on the head in the past few hours and you're the 3rd boy. he was like ali what boys are kissing you. silly shad. i told him 2 were from jordan and one was from thomas and he seems to be ok with that, since they are friends of his. omg shad told me what he's doing for his girlfriend for valentine's day and it's so sweet. so after all this hugging and kisses i think it's obvious that i had sweet dreams last night. hehe.

    so today was long and exhausting. after not very much sleep, i got up for my 8 am class, slept through most of that class, came back to my room where i went to sleep for about 40 min untill rae lynn came and said bye for the weekend. then went to get some help with calc, then that class, then straight to my room to change. jenny and i went to do some observation hours today. so we got to the school at 12:30 and left at 2:30. so thankfully i got 2 hours out of the way. by the time we got done i was so hungry cuz i had't eaten anything all day and it was almost 3. so i went and got a grilled cheese sandwich and then visited with candice while i talked to my mom. we have new furniture in my house. i'm so excited about seeing it when i go home next friday. then i took another 45 min nap, then candice, jessica, tim, shad, adam, and i ate dinner. it's such good times when tim, shad, candice, and i are eating together cuz we know eachother so well that we just constantly mess around and goof off. then hung out with noelle and told her of my lovely night last night. then we watched finding nemo cuz sarah hasn't seen it yet. then noelle and i went to walmart and then the craft time and that bring me to now. so yea that's my past two days in re-cap.

    it's nice not having a roomie on the weekend. cuz then this late night art session would have never happened and i know i'd be hearing about keeping her up typing. i think she needs to get over it. i know my key board cannot make that much noise. i think she just likes to bitch about me cuz she thinks it doens't get to me. if she only knew that she makes me cry sometimes.

    ok well it's after 3 and i'm tired so i'm off to bed. i'm so happy i don't have to worry about anyone waking me up in the morning. i get to wake up on my own and not one sec before then. nighty night everyone. i love you!

    oh yea and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!! i love you all so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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