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Alexz (alexz187) wrote,
@ 2006-01-16 18:22:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Trust - Sevendust

    Weekend Report
    Friday Allie and I went to see Hostel. The movie looked like it was supposed to be really scary. The previews had a lot of torture scenes. It turned out to be a huge disappointment. On top of that she was pretty bummed out as the result of a guy. Overall it was a fun night. Saturday Mel and I went to look at dresses in Palmerton. I didn't really like the place we went. They had each dress in only one size; most of which were either too small or nearly plus sized. The dressing rooms were really small (especially considering the size of some of the dresses). They had white or pink curtains covering the front so you couldn't see in. they were pretty inefficient, you might as well have been naked in the middle of the room. After that we went to the diner and went home. I really didn't do much else all weekend because I felt like shit. I watched Mallrats and Manic. That's pretty much it.

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