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Alex Band (alexmband) wrote,
@ 2002-11-29 04:29:00
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    Current mood:positive
    Current music:none

    A More Positive Outlook
    If you want the long version of what's been happening in the life of Alex Band go check out my latest tour diary entry. For some reason every time I write an "official" diary entry, I ramble like there's no tomorrow. To cut the long story short - The Calling won two awards in a matter of two weeks, did plenty of press interviews and performances, partied hard and all in all just had a great time.

    I know over the past month or so, I've focused more on the stint of bad luck we've had recently. I'd completely lost sight of the good things that had been happening. Winning these awards (Best New Act & Best Rock Group of the Year) put things back into perspective for me a bit. Yes, we've lost band members and had some bad experiences while on the road, but really, we've had a fucking fantastic year. Our fans are incredible. They're so supportive, so dedicated and they just rock. Our singles and album haven't been major flops. And basically, my dream, my goal in life has been achieved. I can't even begin to describe how that feels. It just leaves me in awe.

    And you know what? I'm not going to let the fact that Sean, Billy and Nate decided to quit the band bring me down any more. Fuck them. The Calling is doing well. I have no reason to worry at the moment. I have no reason to dwell over them leaving. I've got to keep looking forward and concentrating on the future.

    As for other things happening in my life, there really isn't anything. My life isn't nearly as drama-filled as any of you. ;) Hope all is well.

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