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Alexandre Leon (alexleon) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 20:48:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:"Real Emotion" -Koda Kumi

    As my title very cryptically suggests, my first day of o-week (orientation week) at uni showed that it was not quite as i expected and a revolution or evolution within myself would be neccacary for me to have any hope of survving for the next three years.
    I dont want to bore you to death with details, but today ROCKED. well, not really, but considering my usual standard of days, this one was pretty cool. I went into uni, and there was everything a good open day need, and some things it didnt. the dean telling jokes about sheep (with implied kiwis), and the insane peer guy, and the cool people i was grouped with, it was all rather good.
    As was the food., and minties.
    And the people wernt that bad. I thought uni would contain something stereotypically, and scarily, like Homer Simpsons expectation, that of jocks and nerds. cept i more expected bastads and overly studious types. but everyone i met was pleasent, if shy, but definbately human, and the non stabbing kind.
    Ive always expected that there are good people in the world, somewhere, and id like to believe that UTS faculty of science contains alot of them. well, i know it contains one great person at lease :P

    Ive got tommorrow off, so ill spend that playing ffx2
    FFX2, now THAT was a bastad to get.
    First, i needed to trade in some old games for it, and just getting to the store was trouble, cause of a millenium train broke down, and i had to walk
    i got new shoes though.
    I cant put a pic of them here, but they are suede and black, and colorados.
    The colorado store staff kept complimenting my shirt, and i couldnt figure why, till i realised it had "Colorado" on it in big letters :D

    Well, dats all for today.

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