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Alexandre Leon (alexleon) wrote,
@ 2004-10-06 21:56:00
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    Current mood:confused
    Current music:Californication

    Sanity is a crutch for the weak.
    "Just as a warning, I am halucinating again. I jsut tried to answer the saucepan. It was ringing"
    "Was anyone on the line?"
    "Of course not. IT WAS A FUCKING SAUCEPAN"

    That was just a conversation I just had. I'll leave it to my avid reader(s) to figure out who i was in that conversation.

    Today was lifes way of reminding me that it hates me, and even though my lfies been going (comparitively) ok to date, life will get round to dealing with my optimism before long

    I had a three hour prac today, making asprin (and i got a splitting headache doing it, tohugh that was jsut prolly the Irony (Fe04)
    At the end of the prac, you put your li'le flask in some ice to coo, and watch as the asprin crystilises.
    You then filter, clean and weight the powder, and get graded on how much you were able to produce.
    We followed the experiment to the letter. We put our flask on the ice, and watched it cool. Three expectant faces stared inot its depths
    By the time everyone had left for the exam (that was straight after our lab, so people in different days' labs had 3 more hours to study, but anyway) by that time, we realised we were gonna fail the prac, as no crystals were forming. our lab-dude-guy-thing had no idea why it wasnt working. maybe because he's a physical research chemist, not an organic-lab-dude-guy-thing.
    Regardless, we set of for the exam broken men (and broken women in becs case. and in the interest of equality, she was equally broken as us broken men, no more, no less)
    The exam was pretty easy, but stress ruined my memory, and i wound up making alot of it up.

    The rest of the day was uneventful (like a FOX!)

    On the train home, there was a spare 3 seater, so Grace (my elegent girlfriend) sat down ,and waited for me to fight through the crowd.
    Jsut before I got to the seat, some lady sits down between me and Grace. Iam about to ask her to move, but she shoots me this look which could burn through organic matter, so i backed off.
    She spent the next 45 minutes (i kid you not) on the phone to her boyfriend, talking in a weird voice, and saying "sweety, you've got to organise your life" alot
    Whoever she was talking to didnt get a word in sideways. It was easy to tell he had actually left the phone at times, the way shed ask a question, wiat 30 seconds, then repeat it, it was sorta funny, in a "you are inferior to me" way, but mroe annoying that grace and I had to quietly talk around her.
    People are not smart.
    The rest of the day is without events, eept that there is no cheese or icecream, because it seems that I am fat. Yeah. It MUST be a mum thing.

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