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Albish, as in AL-lannah BISH-op (albish) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 16:52:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Rage against the machine - sleep now in the fire

    no one replies anymore, oh well, tis nice to remember what i been doin without hurtin my brain too much.

    hmmm today. went to shoppin centre, bought Ally (gonna start callin her that instead of alana) perfrume, that D&G femine stuff, mmmmm tis yummy and a cuddly bear thing. bought my dad a nice blue shirt for xmas, showed my mum and she said its too small so i have to go and swap it tomorrow *sigh* chatted to 6 of my mates who all work in Blakes together, twas nice to see em all again. got mum will young album, and some chocolates, ppppfttttttt my mum has the worst taste in music...and she likes white chocolate :(

    last lord of the rings film tonight, Ally aint seen the first 2 but she said it was my turn to chose the film since she chose love actually. can tell now shes gonna be bored shitless. oh yeah i went in and had a quick chat with her today at work, but i could tell she was really busy and tryin to get rid of me lol so i just buggered off.

    aye so end of update....i think....anything else....oh yeah i started work back at aston martin and jaguar advertising, been there 2 days and done nothing but scream at a spider that dosent seem to want to leave the office. little fucker.

    anyway *waves* signing off....

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