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aker707 (aker707) wrote,
@ 2011-10-20 05:35:00
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    Current mood:frustrated

    Why Malaysia Airlines is a 5-Star Airline
    Malaysia Airlines has won awards and is gaining lots of attention, even though it is not well know outside of Asia. This airline makes frequent trips to Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Lawn Mower Review They offer flights from Los Angeles, and to and from many European cities if you are coming from the U. S. Here are some of the features which make Malaysia airlines distinguished.

    whilst most passengers are recorded to travel in economy, the benefits of First class and Business class are more appealing. Because of this, how well economy passengers are treated is the test of the company Scotts Classic Mower. One of the awards Skytrax has given to Malaysia Airlines recently is Best Economy Class 2010, so you can see that this airline must be doing a good job in this department. For one thing, the seats in Economy Class are quite a bit roomier and more comfortable than average, so you have more space to stretch your legs or lean back. During longer flights, you will have your own screen to watch what you like or even listen to music. even in Economy, Malaysia Airlines provides excellent services. Many of the available services of Malaysia Airlines are now accessible through mobile phones. Without even using your computer, you can check in, check your flight status, and book your flight with only your phone. You can even use your cell phone to get a boarding pass. This is extremely convenient for travelers of all kinds, especially those who may have to book flights or change their plans while traveling. If you have a smart phone, such as in iPhone, Android or Blackberry, you can access most of Malaysia Airlines' services using your mobile device.

    Business and pleasure bring people to Southeast Asia, but after the culture and nightlife has been explored, it is time to relax at their famous beaches. The world has many beaches that are quite beautiful, and a lot of them can be found at the end of Malaysia Flights. There is an island nation, called Phucket, that has attracted lots of beach lovers. You can actually island hop in this region, and find many exotic beaches, some of which have been portrayed in movies. Near Malaysia is a cluster of 104 islands called Langkawi, and it is a good place to visit. When you get to these islands, the beautiful beaches will seem like paradise, especially with the blue waters and lush landscapes. Malaysia Airlines can fly you into more sandy beach places than these destinations. Malaysia Airlines, as we've seen, offers travellers a variety of comforts as they're flown to various locations around the world. Whether you're a business traveler going to Asia for a work related conference or on vacation, this airline has a lot to offer. Whether you have flown with Malaysia Airlines or not before, for future plans you should definitely look at their airline.

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