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Chloe Creaney (ajs_star) wrote,
@ 2005-05-08 19:19:00
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    Current mood: nerdy

    Rain rain rain rain...
    i just got home from Seans, i stayed at his last night. i rang him up after i went to Johns, because he got upset that i was going out (which annoyed me so i shouted at him) ... anyways,i went to stay at Seans and i really enjoyed it beause it was like it used to be. but umm. . . anyways, everything was great untill a few hours ago when i tod him how much i hated him not trusting me. but i cried alot, and he made it better, and now i think he sees that it hurts so much when he doesnt trust me... so now i think that me and Sean are going to get better from now on.

    Umm. . . i dont relaly have anything else to write, or maybe i just cant be bothered. =P well, going to see John again tomorro, and so is Robert. gonna go to the park,. even though it will rain, but i'll wear my BIG hat, so i wont mind yey =)

    i think that John is over nice to me, i dont mean OVER NICE, i mean as in, i think he thinks that i'm his friend just to be nuice, not ebcause i actually want to be his friend...
    arg... John is a great friend, and hes just a nice person all around, and hes fun to be around. . . and he makes me feel special. and well, hes just a good friend. and shouldnt treat me differend to any of his other friends!

    anyways, back to Sean. i really hope that things get ebtter from now on. and i'm sure they are going to =)

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