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Chloe Creaney (ajs_star) wrote,
@ 2005-05-06 21:59:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Stupid pirate music (TV)

    been to the cinima, my heaache went too yey! and the film was great, and we ate loads and i felt sick... but then on the way home i was telling Sean how Robert had signed my leaving book, and Robert put that i used to be really mean to him, but he thinks that i'm a really nice person now. . . but Sean said "no your not" and i was like, "i am, i really try to be nice" and he said that i was always mean to people... so maybe i dont try as hard as i should. i mean look at me now, i'm writting how Sean was mean to me, wehn he was just teling the truth.

    ""She is a really amazing person who i dont want to see or know that shes down ever. Shes one of those really good people who only deserves the best in life i wish the best for her in the future.""--- John rote that in his blog =) and it made me really happy. and he also said that i have been a really big help with his depression and stuffz. and that made be feel good too, even though i dont feel like i've helped him, i feel like i've made a new REALLY great friend. i guess its a bonus that i helped him... i'm really glad i have, and i'm not going to stop!

    I know i've said this loads, but i really feel like i have made a REALLy great friend in John... i feel totally comfortable with him, 100%, even though he kept comenting on my poking myself and checking my hair, but thats just habbit. and he siad "no ones judging you" and i know he isnt, just i guess, its nice to think that i look at least half decent. and i can talk to him about anything, and i really think that i can tell him something is wrong, if it is wrong, and hes not just somone that i can moan to. Hes someone that gives me compliemnts, and who i can have a laugh with, and who i can hug and who i can have fun with. hes all around a great person
    (and John i'm always here for u) =)

    i'm looking forward to going to see him tomorro... =) i hope he feels the same.. and my blogs seem to be about now are John, but i guess he is a big part of my life.

    i have a diary in my bedroom, and in the back i always put the initials of my TRUE friends and it has always been (for the past few years) the same, RAP (romy) JCM (Joel) SMK (Sean).. and they are my SUPER close friends, i mean i have known Romy like 10 years or something! . but now its also JPD (John)

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