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ajax239 (ajax239) wrote,
@ 2011-09-23 04:01:00
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    Current mood:working

    Car Smells May Suggest Trouble
    Everybody enjoys the smell of their new car. The blend of leather and plastic clearly turns on the aromatic senses. And then for some people that is not enough and they find themselves purchasing an air freshener that smells like strawberries or vanilla. Different aromas for different personalities are all well and good. But, what happens if you start to notice an odd smell in your car. In this article, we will take a look at just what certain smells could signify for your car.

    One common strange smell is anything at all that is a sickly sweet smell. If you have this smell, it could possibly mean that you have a leak in your coolant system. If it is a leak in your coolant system, get it fixed right away. You may experience an odor which is really strong. This intense smell indicates the heater core is dripping. Again this is something you need to have fixed immediately as the gases are not good for you to be breathing in and the lack of coolant can lead to other issues fiskars reel mower.

    Most people will discover that when they are in the car they can smell the exhaust. It is quite possible that there is a hole in your exhaust system. If the odor is really bad, it could either mean the doors may not be sealed properly or that you have holes in your floor as a result of rust. This is a predicament that should be fixed right away considering that the fumes are very dangerous to inhale.

    fiskars reel mower review One thing that happened to me some time ago is that I went to the gas station and filled up and when I left the station I still smelled gas. I did not think anything of it yet the next day, I could still smell gas in my car. I had the car checked out and they found a small leak on the top portion of my gasoline tank. It is probably the most dangerous smell since any spark could very well set off a fire. So I don't have to tell you what occurs when your gasoline tank catches on fire. Which means that if you ever detect gasoline, get your car to a repair shop immediately.

    Finally, you may encounter a rotten egg odor. It is in all likelihood that the smell is caused by a stopped up catalytic converter. This also suggests that the exhaust is not escaping properly which could result in some serious damage to your car. So when you've got that rotten egg smell, bring your car in and have it checked out.

    You might find yourself smelling some other strange odors. So you should always have your car checked out to be sure everything is running fine.

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