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minty? (ajarfetus) wrote,
@ 2004-07-20 22:47:00
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    Current mood:quivering with feelings
    Current music:napoleon documentary

    quintuplets are alot
    yesterday i went to dc with brent. it was fun. we saw the lunchbow exhibit and then rocks and gems. rocks and gems are really cool. my favorites have to be the glow in the dark rocks. they were ultra cool. then we walked around georgetown and went home and got ledos. nate came to dinner with us and then took me home. my ap scores were there when i got home. i got a three in english and a 5 in bio. too bad about english but yea for bio. nate stayed over for awhile. i feel really bad now. he had brought up something i didnt want to talk about awhile ago and it had disturbed me and i was upset and disgusted with him until last night. but now i feel like such a bitch. anyways last night i had a really good time with nate. we are both so awkward that everything always works out so well. in other not stupid girl news i got really dehydrated yesterday in dc. i was fine until 12:30 last night when my stomach was killing me. i threw up all last night until 6 and then slept until 2. i feel alot better today. anyways an amusing fact about my being sick yesterday....this morning when i got up i weighed myself and i had lost ten pounds since last night. screw diets.

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