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Annabelle Mercer (aicandy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 00:07:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    Back from Oblivion
    So, back after all and it was soon! haha Well, 10 months later but it's better than not at all right?

    Finished with homework so have time to kill since I'm not sleepy yet and my brothers are in the Rec Room taking over with DVDs to watch on the Entertainment System my parents bought me for Christmas but my Ma was right that I do value my privacy and it was selfish of me to want it all to myself so the Rec Room was the best decision.

    Life has been busy during the end of year 10, but now it's the beginning again for year 11 and so much to say! Homecoming is this Friday and I'm was going to go to the dance with Henry Skoats, the very talented, gorgeous, popular, smart and humorous quarterback of the football team. But that's changed.

    Cos I'm the Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. Everyone was shocked, no more shocked then me, when I made Captain. I was trying out for being just a replacement since one of the girls in the squad was moving to TX, I never dreamed of becoming Captain. Janie Marshall was NOT happy that her role of Captain was taken away from her and I don't blame her either. I refused at first but Coach Burns said that she liked my style, dance steps and the way I made cheerleading look fun and professional at the same time that's why she made me Captain. Coach didn't let me refuse saying it will go on my records and it'l be harder to get into college. Blackmail! So I had to accept.

    Janie hates me now, even though I said for her to be co-captain but she refused, but didn't quit the squad as it's her life. Looking back, I realised it was an insult to her but it wasn't meant to be that way. She doesn't make cheerleading easy though. Half of the squad was torn, loyalty to Janie yet they dealt with change fine. Oiii *sighs out* The dramas back then.

    The dramas ended a few days ago when I told Janie off in the middle of cheerleading practice since she didn't want to practice that afternoon since she was mad that Henry had asked me to the dance instead of her. I told her Henry had only asked me because Janie was being a bitch and that Henry said he didn't want to spend the night hanging around a girl who was going to concentrate on hating a girl on her own squad, using him as a trophy to show off to the girl she hated then to have fun being with him to celebrate high school tradition and to party. Told her to shut up and deal with the situation or I could kick her off the squad so she could hate me elsewhere ending up alone and miserable as no one else had the problem except for her. I felt so bad to tell her off like that but it was her problem.

    She snapped out of it after that and apologised, so to make it up to her for taking her role, I asked her again to be co-captain where we both shared the role because school is getting more hectic with homework and the drama club putting on a huge production of "7 Brides for 7 Brothers". I'm one of the brides. Luckily cheerleading and drama club schedules are entirely different so I can work on both. She only accepted after she said she'd be Vice Captain since she's better at the organising then the creating of the cheers.

    *phew!* That was exhausting to type up but much needed. Time for bed now, goodnight and sweet dreams!

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