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Annabelle Mercer (aicandy) wrote,
@ 2002-12-12 23:17:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Man, whatta day. I'm totally beat. Physically, mentally and breathly.

    My schedule today:
    8am - 5pm: Classes
    5.15pm - 6.15pm: homework/study/surf the iNet for research and personal usage
    6.15pm - 6.25pm: talk to Mom about the satellite tv in the dorm
    6.30pm - 7.30pm: Drama Club meeting
    7.32pm - 9pm: dinner, kitchen duty/punishment
    9pm - 11pm: homework/study/die
    Now: Update journal and surf the net while being distracted by Mia as she's trying to watch herself sleep in the mirror but is getting frustrated that she can't.

    After I asked her the intial question, she thought it was "An excellent idea to have satellite tv connection. You can learn from educational programs like Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and the History Channel.. " (also MTV and ESPN)
    She went onto to saying, "But don't you think it is a bit selfish to just have it in your room? .." (no) ".. why don't we put have it in the Rec Room so your brothers, your father and I can have access to it instead of bothering you during the day and night invading your privacy by entering your room to watch television. We all know how much you want your privacy."

    I replied very earnestly and sincerely, "Yes, that is true, but I would sacrifice it to having a whole entertainment system in my room. Plus everyone wouldn't want to come into my room because they think it's 'too girly' or too scared to cos of how many times I've had a fit in the past. I know I can't have all the fun all the time. Imagine how much time you would have to yourself doing other wonderful productive motherly duties running this great household without me bugging you listening to your very informative lectures wasting your time."

    Ma looked at me for a few seconds silently and slightly amused before saying, "If you do listen to my lectures, why am I lecturing you few days a week?"

    "Because I don't have satellite tv in my dorm," I said simply (which is partly true but as if that is going to stop me from having fun!). "I have realised this now. Previous years the I was breaking rules because it was fun. Now I do it because I'm are bored in need of excitement. All the classes at school I know inside and out plus other activities isn't very interesting anymore. All the club or organise other activities I've suggested all the teachers and students all don't agree to it to approve."

    "Alright, Annabelle, I ..." started Ma.

    "I already have studied and research different satellite companies in the area who will install everything at a cheap price, if need be I will pool in to cover the installation, set up and connection costs, so you can look it over, call the companies to ask any questions Ma may have and then make a decision." I said quickly putting the piece of paper in front of her incase she totally flat out refused. At least this way she will have all the options before refusing but no way is she going to refuse after all that loooooong speech I had given to her on why we should get it.

    Did all that bore you? Hell, it did to me and I was the one babbling all that! I just hope that it made enough sense to Ma to convince her and Dad to let me have one.

    I'm beat. That's all for now. Night all. Sweet dreams.

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