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Kyle (againstme) wrote,
@ 2003-05-26 22:20:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Against Me! - "Jordans First Choice"

    monday monday...
    well well..i didnt go to sleep till around 6am because i couldnt fall asleep..i guess i missed kayla too much. oh well i eventually fell asleep. woke up around 3:30pm...really late, i guess i was tired. Got on the computer for 30 minutes or so...took a shower..ate some food while talking to Kayla on the computer. went to work at 5, got home around 7:45 cause they let me out early because today was so sloooow. really boring. got home kayla wasnt online..i didnt think she would be because she went out with kristy and watched a movie or something. i think she secretly wants to do sexual things with kristy...but she denies it. haha...kristy should be happy that she has a friend that misses her like crazy.

    on to other things..starcraft..yeah im already HC in the clan that copied my clan..HC means im almost there to be able to kill the clan. which is excellent. havent been playing starcraft that much..mainly just sitting in channels talking to people..cause im usually talking to kayla. hehe.

    never watched Hedwig last night. i will watch it tonight since kayla has to go to bed for school. =\...but that movie should occupy my time. and then i will get back on the computer playing starcraft wishing kayla was here probably. and then i will try to sleep. and that is what i will end with. the way, savannah said her mom could take me to against me! i have a ride..yipee....ok im gone like a barn animal. lates.

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