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toilet seat (afi193) wrote,
@ 2004-03-25 20:13:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:MWH-Safety Dance

    i feel so...AHH.FUCK OFF! right now..and nothing happened either..i just wish everyone would leave me the fuck alone..the only thing i can listen to right now is COB--bodom beach terror..or Bleeding pissed off for no reason..fuck! thats just fuckin great! i want to throw knives at my wall or something..and i fuckin miss davis.he was awesome.and now..hes gone and his hair is blonde..howard will not leave me alone.trish will not stop calling my house.i need to talk to niki.and jon keeps tryin to cheer me up..sarah wants me to send her the silver and cold video but my email account wont let me do it and i cant do it on aim..trish wants me to go with her and alex to see davis..ashley has court tomorrow...i need spring break!!!!!!!! the whole spring break i will not be home..ill live at jens house..well right music till we suffocate...or something.i really wish my family was goin up to jersey so i could be home alone..but noo..they dont trust me they think ill have weed and smoke the shit..but if only they knew I HAVENT DONE THAT IN A YEAR!! im not a stoner like i was before, and they dont want to believe that cos of what i listen to and how i dress..and my mom is not letting me out of the fuckin house sunday through thursday..i can only go out on fridays and saturdays..and have to be back home by eight..i didnt get in grades are good enough for why!? its cos they think theyll have to do all the driving and shit..when i walk to and from bristoe station most of the time...!i dont get it.!.ill walk anywhere in manassas as long as its not to trishs house or the mall!!im so pissed right listening to the safety dance..dont ask its all my computer will let me listen going to sleep.

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