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Dru (aetygerboy) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 03:11:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Midnight Star - Midas Touch

    So- omg - its 3 in the morning. i dont know exactly if i'm bored or tired or pissed off or procrastinating...

    #1 I HAVE GOT TO LEARN MY FUCKING FORENSICS PIECES.. i take them out in less than a week and i havent even looked at them... i'm FUCKED!!!! why the hell do i do this to myself? I also have so much homework to make up too! I just dont know what to do!

    #2 So freshman totally pissed me off! He calls me friday at 130 in the morning DRUNK off his ass, and wants me to get my happy ass out of bed and pick him up. No, thats not cool. No, you didnt earn points. Then he got caught sneeking in by his parents, so my v-day was shot. so i went to work on v-day instead of doing something romantic, but you know what its okay. my lil nephew Dylan was born on v-day, so i decided that from now on, if i dont have someone or if i do and they just suck, i'll just claim dylan as my valentine! good idea? bad idea? i dont know, but hes a cute baby, and i hate babies and never think they're cute. i hope this boy doesnt become a drug addict or retarded gangsta like his dead-beat father. oh well.

    #3 This goes out to someone who wont know what im talking about, but i want to. FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!! AND SHUT THE HELL UP BECAUSE I JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE!!! I WASH MY HANDS OF YOU ASSHOLE!!!! :)

    I feel better... kinda...

    I've been really horny lately. I mean, i COULD just abandon all of my values w/ freshman and just fuck him, but i'd rather not. maybe something will work out, maybe not. i mean, i like him, but he just says stupid things to me that dont make me happy :( and he also does stupid things to, or gets upset of stupid things. i mean really... the whole thing is just..... stupid. i think i just need someone.

    I fucking didnt get to see chase this week :( which makes me emo. but maybe its a sign. i dont know...

    im tired. i need sleep.

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