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eRi * (aesummergrl8) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 18:23:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:' Screaming Infidelities '

    ' and iiii will always love youuu '
    wow today was awesome. gym we did aerobics. lmao. it wwassss so fun. me & jess like ran into each other.. lmao and we nearly piss our pants. lol. tech ed was fun.. but my ring got broken.. and i hafta redo it.. :(.. soo yea.. lunch was sooo fun.. okay.. it was so diff. then how it was yday.. we were allll laughing like normally!! :D.. i loveedd it! lol. so yea. english was funnyyyyy!! mrs becker kept saying ass.. lol.. and she made it seem like it ws this bigggg long word instead of 3 letters.. lmao.. so yea. pre-ale was fun too.. but mr baldino made isai move to the back :(.. now its really quite.. :(.. so after school we went to johns locker & waited for the "Crew" and then we walked outside.. showed seth & john & everyone my pictures from that day..and we all got seths school picture. then me, seth, dani, and john proceeded to danis house.. haha it was soo fun((The walk)) lol. then me & dani got to her house.. and we got ready to go shopping.. then zach took us. and we passed seth & john. lol. soo yea. we got to the mall and we shopped for like 2 hours. bought em, britt, and dev their presents.. and dani bought mine, britts, ems, katis, and zachs.. and she bought these hott pink etnies.. they were sexy.. im glad ur mom let u get them! woo! lol. so yea. we saw devs exboyfriend.. and got a weird look from him.. lol.. soo yea.. dev picked us up at 515 and then we drove to mcdonalds.. and then they messed up devs burger.. so me & dani hadda go in a get a new one.. lol.. it was embarrassing.. i made dani do the talking.. lol.. soo yea.. then we dropped dani off.. and now here i am! woo! i cannottt wait for xmassss!! only 9 freaking daysss biatchhh!! peace out jigggggggggga

    eRi *

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