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eRi * (aesummergrl8) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 18:04:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:' Blue Christmas '

    ' people ask if i'm in love w/you.. '
    wow. today was soo much better then i thought it would be. WOO. we had a 2 hour delay. so we had 8 minutes of 2nd period and then the whole 4th period. lunch was alright. i spilled my lemonaide all over seth & john on accidnet.. sorry kids.. and then i spilled it on myself.. and i went to the bathroom 2 clean it off and it got worse!! so i wore joes jacket.. thanks bud. lol. soo english we read treasure island and i talked to em & britt and we claled peopel HYPOCRITS! haha. favorite word. lol. pre-ale was funny. isai was being hilarious.. i love that kid.. haha.. sooo study hall we got yelled at for passing notes.. gayy mr shirey. lol so after school me dani em & britt began walking to subway.. omggg it was sooooo much fun!! woooo! we were soooo hyper.. lol.. subway was soo much fun. lol. soo yea... uhm.. i wanted to buy chips but the people werent at the counter so em goes and opens the door and it made hte bell ring.. lmao it was soo hilarious i cracked up for like EVER.. i know it def. doesn't sound funny but it was hilairrrrious!! lol. so yea. then we went down to juiles so dani could get a ballon 4 something.. and then lol we left and walked to danis hosue.. lmao there was this dog thing on the path.. ahhh it was scary!! lol. then we got to danis house and iw as supposed 2 inform zach that dev was coming 2 get him.. lol.. and yea.. dev cmae and got him.. and i was being soo weird.. and i freaking sat there and i waved out the window.. and i was like byee dont do anything i wouldnt.. and haha i was waving like an old woman.. lmao.. and then they left.. and then we started having more fun.. we went online.. and we goofed off in the basement and said some funnny things.. lol.. and we ate freeze pops.. and they trapped me in the basement! lol. and then we watched part of santa clause 2 and we took some more funny pictures.. and they trapped me in the basment!! :(.. it was sad.. lol.. then we tried on danis skirt.. it was soo cute.. but it didnt look right on me.. lmao.. they laughed their butts off.. hahah.. my fat legs dont look right in skirts.. lol.. yea then dev came and got us.. and i took a picture of zach lol.. and he took a group picture of us.. lol.. came home and now imt alking 2 my cats!! Lol.. yea.. 3 more school days 4 meeeeeee!!! :D.. yayyyy!! lol.. alrighty i'm out

    eRi *

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