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Bryan Wuensche (aeagle20) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 00:01:00
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    Wholy shit
    Im moving to dallas, its official. There is more selection in everything there. Their mall is the size of my cock, yes its that big. Aannnddd I just wanna move there. But other than that its been forever since I have updated eh? Yeah, Im doing good kinda. I have a piece phone right now lol I make fun of John for it. I sold him my old one and Im waiting for my new one to be shipped and I have to use his piece phone. But its all good, it works and thats all that matters. I am gonna have a player ass phone. And it better be player for what it cost. Anyways school is alright I suppose, still boring as fuck but hey Spring break right? Thats all I really care about at the moment is fuckin Coca cola beach again. This will be our 3rd year in a row to go and I cant fucking wait. Chantz isnt going with us this time for obvious reasons. If you dont know then you dont need to be told. So yeah thats one less person that we get to take, but Grier might be coming with us. If he can afford it that is. Anyways Im tired out the ass so I'll try to update tomorrow, but dont hold your breath ;)

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