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.::Sara::. (adorkable_033) wrote,
@ 2005-01-24 16:24:00
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    Current mood: shocked

    Alrighty lets see, midterms were this week. i think i did fairly well in all of them, except french and english, those are kinda iffy.French was unbelievably hard, even if i had anymore studying it wouldn't of mattered. but there over and done with so no sense in thinking about how i did.

    Saturday i went over bryans for a few hours, but i had to go home early cause it was started to snow kinda bad. then at 7 i had to babysit. I made 40 bux :D. i was kinda worried the power would go out while i was babysitting, cause if that happened i'd actually have to earn my money instead of just letting the kids watch a video.

    Sunday i woke up to snow...EVERYWHERE. and not long after i got up we lost power..for 6 friggen hours. i did some shoveling and made a fire and had smores. mmm! haha the power came back just in time for the pats game, my dad would of been furious if he couldn't watch it. was very interesting. I got up, started watching tv, then my mom comes in and tells me to get the dvds he rented, and i got into a fight with him cause he wouldn't let me watch them yesterday cause i had to watch them with the fam, and while i was sleeping he watched one. and didn't like it, so he was going to return it before anyone else had seen it. but i won in the end and dad went to the cape with my brother to clean up my grandmas house. so half way through the movie i get a whole call, at first i couldn't find the phone and the answering machine comes on, dad is demanding to speak to someone, and finally i find the phone. i give it to my mom and shes in total panic, asking questions like ''are u okay, what happened..blah blah blah'' after my mom gets off the phone i of course am worried and start asking questions. apparently my dad got into a major accident, him and everyone else were fine, but our ford explorer was totaled. along with one of the other cars. what happened was a truck 2 cars ahead of my dad spun and hit a snow bank making snow fly up everyone blinding other drive, and the truck turned sideways blocking the entire highway. The car (a van) behind the truck tryed to stop but hit it and spun around, facing my dad. my dad swurved to miss the van and drove right into the truck that was sideways across the highway(keep in mind he couldnt see the truck from all the snow). The explorer (our car) drove right under the back of the truck so part of the truck was laying ontop of the explorer. The accident cause an hour and a half back up on the highway. My mom and i get into the camery and drive down to the cape, just before the bridge, and driving down the bridge we see all three cars. i screamed when i saw the explorer.

    Pictures of the car:

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