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.::Sara::. (adorkable_033) wrote,
@ 2004-11-22 18:25:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:frou frou - let go

    i think i'll make an update, so lets see whats happened since last time i updated.

    i got my report card, i didn't do 2 bad, other than sylvias class, i'm struggling in her class.
    well i dont think i'm gunna be able to update for 2 months worth of events so i'll just go from friday.

    Friday: i had to work, unfortunity because bryans band played, i felt pretty bad. but around 9:30 bryan came and picked me up with mina and paul in the car and we went to tristan carrys house. it was fun, nice and low-key, plus i was pretty tired.

    Saturday: i went to this festival thing with elissa h and synthia, bettinas friend and face painted little kids. we did it for our art teacher bettina, because couldnt go so we went in her place. after synthia dropped off elissa she took me back to bettinas and i hung out up in her studio for awhile playing with the animals and looking at her art work until my dad came and got me. once i got home i went out for an hour, i went with my mom to the mall cause she promised me new cloths *big smile* but i had to be home at 7 cause i had to babysit. i babysat til about...12...i made 50 bux (yay) i make more money babysitting than working at the village.

    Sunday: i went to my aunts house, for some sunday before thanksgiving dinner, i dunno we do it every yr. i dont really enjoy family things, cause i dont really talk to my family, and my cousin thinks hes better than me so its a pretty boring time talking to my mom and grandma. afterwards once i got home bryan came over and stayed until about 9

    Today: School (56712) English first, sylvia, we had a ''quest'' test/quiz which i deffinitly failed, only to add to my other 50's 70's and 0's :D! bad.

    French was next, mrs pereklis like...suddenly hates me and kathy, i dunno its weird, but w.e i'm not 2 torn up about it. we had a quiz in that class as well, but i think i did well.

    Chem next, i basically use that class for doing hw, but we also did a lab, and i made a gold penny :) that class is so good, cause he just does not care at all. the only thing i dont like is we would of been able to of gotten breadboard all the time if they still did deliverys, but of course they dont when i have a teacher who actually likes it.

    Gym, lunch block :D gym was ok, except for the fact jamie cappen wouldnt stfu about how SHE! cut me and bryan off, shes rediculous and wont let it go. but other than that chatting with ashleigh and grady was good.
    Lunch, i had lunch with john, mina, and bryan, was pretty unevenful...

    Math, ok so in math class a while back i wrote ''i'm in hell'' ontop of my notes, and by mistake i passed it in with my hw to mr.lazier (sp?) and of course he goes ''who is i'm in hell'' to the class, and i confessed, so now that seems to be all i ever hear about in that class, not that i wasn't embarrissed enough. but w.e just laughed it off. i have to admit that if it happened to someone else i'd be laughing at them, so i'll just wait until something else happens to someone else, and i'll laugh at them! ha..jk..sorta.

    Afterschool, i didn't really do anything up until 4:45, my neighbor called last minute asking if i could watch her boys cause she forgot about a hair appointment, i didn't mind cause i had nothing 2 do anyhow...ya..and now i'm home, obviously.

    i'm pretty bored, which is why i'm updating, that and i'm procrastinating, i dont really want to clean my room or do hw.

    i am so looking forward for this long weekend. i wanna spend as much of it out of the house as possible.

    alright..i've prograstinated enough. i'm off. bye y'all

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