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.::Sara::. (adorkable_033) wrote,
@ 2004-08-29 11:04:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    Last week of vaca!
    alright well i've gotta say this last week has been pretty decent

    Sunday i went over bryans, and stayed for dinner until my mom picked me up around 9.
    Monday i picked up holly, we came to my house for a few hours then went to the fair.
    Tuesday i went sailing with tyson, (i was so nervous haha) and then bryan came over my house for a while.
    Wednesday i went over dans and watched ''American beauty'' and went to the park. i also thought i lost my camera, i looked everywhere, and had bryan and tyson look around 2 (thankx guys)
    Thursday Didn't do much but i found my camera!! so i was happy about that
    Friday Had an ortho appointment at 7:30 am, then later on i had work from 4-7, and then bryan picked me up after work and we went back to my house
    Saturday didn't do anything until work, from 4-7 then around 9 terry picked me up and we got ice cream and went to the beach, then not to long after we got there alex showed up so we all hung out at the beach until 11
    Today going to a barbaque for one of my dads co-workers, i dont really have fun at thesese types of things because i dont know anybody but i get fooood!

    so all and all it hasn't been a bad week, i'm deffinitly not ready for summer to end tho..

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