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* one and only <3 (adorexme) wrote,
@ 2004-05-27 14:36:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:The clicking of my keyboard <3

    Where would I be without y o u?
    Sometimes I sit and think about my life before Amber, and really I can`t remember a happier time then right now. I am so amazed at how one person has changed my entire life. We`re getting so close to moving out, we have everything for our kitchen that you can ever imagine and it`s so damn cute. All of these bright colors, pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green. And of course we have to have stainless steel. We've got all these themes going on for each room. The bathroom is Amber`s choice, but I`m not sure what she`s decided to go with yet. Our bedroom is gonna be laid back with black and white, and I`m pretty sure our living room will tie into that too. Some kind of paris black and white theme. It`s gonna be awesome. Our baby is doing great too, he`s getting so big and so beautiful. I honestly think Harley is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, and he`s so smart too. He can sit, speak, jump up, catch, and play fetch. Oh and it`s so fun to take him to the lake, which is where we`ll be going today after work.

    We were so happy to hear that gay marriage is legal in the state of Massachusetts, even though it should be everywhere. Hopefully sometime in the near future, depending on our cars and money situation, we can take a family trip and get married. I honestly want to marry this girl and I`ve never even remotely felt this in my entire life. I love her to pieces. She bought me a new ring which is absolutely beautiful. It`s not that I don`t already feel like we`re married because I do and if anyone asks me, I`ll tell them that I am. But the thing is I want it to be recognized by the world. Anyway I`m at work and I`m probably gonna have to start working again, so I`ve gotta hop, skip, and jump my ass on outta here.

    I lover you to pieces Amber!

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