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havilah (adjubee) wrote,
@ 2004-03-26 17:57:00
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    Current mood: envious
    Current music:mrs. brown you've got a lovely daugher: hermans hermits

    paint on my jeans.
    it's friday.. and i'm hopefully going to st. francis to see battle of the bands. ahh, i need a car. i hope steve knurek is there tonight.. i miss us being close. i'm feeling alone.. and fat. it's a great feeling. i've been sooo busy with this whole columbia thing. but it's completely worth it. for five weeks away from here... anything. plus.. chicago? wow.. it's going to be absolutely amazing. my sister told me josiah has a girlfriend now. thats somewhat depressing.. but i wasn't really all that upset when i heard. i knew it'd happen eventually.. it's not like he was going to be alone forever. but it just.. it sucks. sucks that he has someone to care about.. and a part of me still cares about him. there are no boys in my little world right now. hopefully soon. it'd just be nice to know that there was mutual feelings between me and someone. too bad most guys don't like chunkers. anitas wedding is tomorrow. the only good part about that is that i'm persis' date! i really don't want to see jearmy, amber, or andy. i don't know what his problem is lately.. he's been acting like such a weirdo. as are many of my other guy-friends. i don't know whats going on with him. i can't wait till i'm older and married.. and throw formal dinner parties once a month. it seems so glamorous. well, i've got to find conees number. love you all.

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