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Adam Forrester (adamforrester) wrote,
@ 2003-04-21 20:55:00
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    Unexpected guests
    Ok, so today was a, so I thought it worth documenting. The day started bright and early with a satelite communication from Ana. She sent me the architectural plans for the German embassy in Prague. She also sent me a wonderful, cheery little virus to make sure my computer skills were not deteriorating. You have to appreciate Ana; only such a friend would send you a virus, deleting all of your precious computer files that you have spent years? collecting and securing, to make sure your computer skills were sufficient enough to be associated with. Apparently this virus did not delete my files, thankfully, but transfered all of them to one of Ana's computers. She then masked the computer's tracks in such a way that trying to track the computer, I was misguided to different computers all over the world, including China, India, and Switzerland--they weren't too happy when I tried to hack into one of their banks. I'm just thinking how beltar things are. Right, so I'm bell tinkying trying to find where she hid my damn files so that she will talk to me again and one of the local natives, one of their village scouts, comes into my hut. This is actually a pretty big thing because they are mostly afraid of all the weird machines I have sprawled out everywhere and so try to avoid coming to it, believing it to be possessed or something of the sort. In any case, this chap tells me something to the extent of "we found 'white men' on the edge of the forest." The tricky thing is, there are no other white men here, or rather, shouldn't be. Right then I know they're coming for me; I've abosolutely no idea what they want. I'm thinking "well, isn't this my bloody day." I grab a few weapons and get out of there as fast as I possibly can. I sprint the few miles to the edge of the forest with mind to track these guys and see what they want. These chaps are Americans. I'm thinking, what the bloodly hell are they doing here? By their badges I could tell they were a small group of marines. I creep up on their leader and corner him. He hears me and shoots in my direction, but to no good. I grabbed him from behind and held him hostage. I get a little territorial when military blokes come to play in my backyard. Turns out, they were looking for me, wanted me to do for their government. They seemed to have heard of me down the stream and agreed not to shoot me if I helped them. How sponny I am. If I agree to go out of my way to be nice to the Americans, I won't get shot. Anyways, I agreed...for a small fee. Don't know what I got into, probably knee deep in bloody shite. Back later.

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