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Adam Forrester (adamforrester) wrote,
@ 2003-04-19 23:44:00
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    Good Evening. My name is Adam Forrester. Welcome to the chronicles of my life. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland to middle-classed parents. My mum was a doctor and my dad was a profesor. My dad taught me most everything that I know. I started using computers when I was a wee little lad. I got quite skilled with them after a bit. I didn't fancy being cooped up in the room all the day, though. I started building up my physical strengths when I wasn't studying school. I took up several martial arts and became fairly profficient with them. My dad was a doctor of political science and spent most of his time at Oxford University. He taught me what I know of how the political world works and international relations. While I worked with security systems on computers, I became fascinated with hard-wired security systems. I knew how to hack into a computer and break the security system, but I didn't know how to break into the actual security perameters, say of a museum. I started reading about security setups and learned the basics of most usual types of security systems used in buildings. I started to try to infiltrate my friends' homes, which they undoubtedly appreciated. After a bit, I tested my skills by infiltrating the university, libraries, and even museums. After graduating from the university, I took up a residence abroad though kept an apartment in Glasgow where my friend Anastasia--or better known as Athena--sometimes stays. I built a hut among one of the native villages in Costa Rica where I could continue my studies in peace. I had built up a reputation for myself in Glasgow and Scotland Yard had been looking for me so I decided I needed to disappear for a bit. I kept in touch with Ana often, having known her since I was young. She had also been interested in computers and has retained her passion for them. She helped me with the technical aspects of infiltration, being my partner in crime as it were, though we never really stole anything. She acquired some blue-prints of buildings (CIA, FBI, etc) and would send them to me priority mail. Anyways that's enough about my past, not all too much can be said, or rather, should be said. Perhaps I'll come back later.

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