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**AshLey**<3 (ad0rablebaybii) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 20:06:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:its gunna be love

    *I LOVE YOU* :o)
    -i guess christine talked to amy about me going out with josh, amy likes him and was mad at me for going out with him..thats sooo weird cuz she only seen him once.. grr! but yesterday was soo perfect...i picked up josh around 6:30, drove around fer a lil bit then went back to my house when my mom left-we were lyin on the couch and thats when we had our first kiss! awww....then around midnite i started to tease him and shit it was so cute! he looks so hott he had his abercrombie hat on and i kept tippin it sideways lol he looked like a dork..hehe then my mom came home at 1 30 and she drove him home

    -today christine wanted to go to the gym so we went around 4 then we went my dad is trying to fix my car...i dont have faith in that thing ever running again...god its a peice of shitass! MIKE UPDATE UR DAMN BLURTY>>R U HAPPY I DID NOW?? lmao! well g2g ttyl!

    <3 Ashley

    stupid PIG tomorrw...i got stuck workin on a project with tony F cuz mr h assigned us partners :o( i got the stuckup jerk lol! owell i guess ill c ya round!

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