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L o L o <3 (ad0rable_lo) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 13:41:00
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    hollaaaa - whats shakin? well ive been very busy latly... on monday allie spent the night and then on tuesday kyndra came over in the mornin... my mom came home and took all of us to the mall! i bought kahkis and a pink sweater thing - from ae ; then me and kyndra both bought these halter tops that say express yourself they are pretty cute ! ; then i bought a much needed white tank top from gap ; and hm... some underware from vickys lol ... so yeah i have NO money left haa... anyways then we came home and allie left for practice - and then me nd kyndra hung out for a while and allie came back and we got ready and brad and chas came over so yeah tha was fun.. hah ;] then they spent the night yayee ! we have a cat NeMo!!! haha its awesome.. the next day we put together m new bed - im movin downstairs ! haha s yeah that was some tough work.. allie left for practice ;[and me ad kyndra went to the movies - i saw jimmy orr haha allie !!! the jason came.. ya thats all i have to say about that hm.. so then went to buy ou tickets and i saw callie and parker ! haha ... so we talked for a lilm bit.. then we went into 2f2f it was pretty good . i missed like 1/2 of it oh well.... then we got ice cream and went to kyndras and now me and ken ae sittin here haa .. were doin sumthing with emily tonight i think how fun... well i will say more later ! <33ya Lo

    ps.. where did all my blurty friends go?????? ;[[

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