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L o L o <3 (ad0rable_lo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 17:01:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Breathe on Me

    i guess i need you baby..
    another weekend is coming upp

    friday : pep rally ` yay i love those - the only problem is that the freshman are soooo lameee for real . they have no school spirit i swear. come on guys ! stand up move around yell !! we dominate the school we could over yell the seniors most def. but that prolly wont happen oh well i like cheering anyways its fun.. i guess like one girl wants to quit and so does our so-called captain wants to quit too .err. i mean "she doesn have time" bull shit you always were complaing at the games and practice - you want to quit . some captain huh? and now since our coach told the other girl that if she quits she wont ever be able to try out for cheerleading for the next 4 years shes not gonna quit.. why do we want people on the team that dont wanna be there? whateva whateva .. anyways back to the plans... then theres a game - im going ! yeaah. i dont know about afterr tho.. carlies grounded / not grounded mk???

    saturday: cotillion yesum in goin - watch outt ! carlie and i are going in camoo, were gettin a bunch of shiit and cutting it (like the sluts we are) hah` j/k so that will beee funn ya knoo !@_

    uhmmm ... i had an encounter with 'him' today - its was grand... i dont think he actually saw me tho hm? gosh hes hard to find ... i need to meet him~maybe tommorow?? yeah tomorrow!

    monagomys the way to go
    just put your lips together .
    and blow

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