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Graig (actor24) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 00:10:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Watching Ace Ventura

    Hey ya' was pretty much boring, but it wasn't bad. I went to Danny's for a swim at 2 and we made a bet. We were both swimming the width of the pool as many times as possible underwater with one breath and the loser had to buy lunch for the winner...I got eight on my first try and it took Danny a couple but he got eight he ended up paying for lunch but I have to pay him back...hmmm i'll try to remember that. I got home and did the usual...I cannot believe that Abram got kicked off Road was Donell who was being an ass...and he was saying racial stuff about Abram behind his I think it was unfair for him to be sent home. If anything, they both should have been asked to leave. The new guy looks so retarded and I think he will be kicked off next if they lose a mission...I think I will try out for the Real World...I always wanted to be on that show...but it would be weird having them get inside you...the cameras you forget about after a while but what you say and do aren't it would be mom just came home and got me McDonald's so I am going to eat...night

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