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Graig (actor24) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 22:42:00
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    Weird Day
    Well today was a day like no other. I actually felt bad for some of the things I said earlier to someone...then I read their away and saw that they are childish and immature and decided that what I said was the truth. I'm learning that I shouldn't not react to when someone says something about me. I used to just "sweep it under the rug" but not anymore. I'm glad that I told her the way I felt and I wish that others would be honest with me and tell me to my face how they feel about me. After that whole thing I had to go to the mall for a bit and then over to Rosa's for gnocchi. The food was good and all but Dad's attitude lately has been real shitty since he started this new job. I kind of feel bad for him since he has to drive forever to get there and work and then drive back home to eat dinner and maybe watch TV or vacuum the pool before he has to go to bed in order to wake up early again. I just hope he cheers up soon because I've never seen him quite like this. On a lighter note, this weekend is Lindsay and Laura's cottage...I know I wrote about it a lot but it is something I can look forward to doing. The ride up there will suck since it is about 4 hours but once we're there, it'll be good. Maybe I'll drink the weekend away and never remember a thing...G-d knows there will be plenty of alcohol up there. Maybe I wont have too...maybe it'll be worth being sober for. Today Bob called me out of the blue. He past by my mom's office and decided to call since he didn't say goodbye when I left. It was good to hear someone other than my mom from home. I love talking to my mom but Bob is just Bob...haha. Someone else wants the computer...I'll write more later or tomorrow.

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