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JL Jones (acquana) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 01:06:00
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    About to Head Back
    Yeah, yeah. Everybody and their sister has a web log, so why not me?

    Alright, I'm going to restrain myself from griping in my first one, so I'll instead talk about ... I dunno. Sure why not, the guy who I ended up getting this for. Robbie J. I met him one lazy Tuesday in a sweaty laundry room. Why all the really crazy shit in life happens on Tuesdays I'll never know. So anyway we met and he managed to worm his way into my life. That laugh, the dark eyes, the sly grin he could twist his face into upon seeing me. But it didn't manage to stay rosy very long. Mostly long absensces and missed appointments soured what had nearly started between us. And that would be the theme of our very screwed up relationship for the next three years.

    I'm nearing my fourth, and have long ago run out of patience. The smell of his hair isn't enough for me to forgive three years of forgotten birthdays and busy schedules. I don't know. In college we all have better things to do than snuggle in warm beds with someone foolish enough to say they love you. I just can't help but fall for it every time. Can you blame me?

    But I digress. He's a nice guy, the world's full of a lot more of them than I thought. Only time will tell whether they're nearly as nice as they act from time to time.

    Missed Rob this summer. His summer went well, mine was pretty lame. In bewteen dealing with my ex and freelance art I had The Thing That Never Happened. Another guy I knew decided he had a crush on me without any pretense of wanting to comit. And thus we fooled around and I'm left with the same empty feeling I have every time I fall. Never again I tell myself, and this time I may be serious since I have barely felt anything below the waist in about four weeks.

    Good luck, Robbie J. You're really gonna need it to convince me this time.

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