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Micha (acid_fairy6969) wrote,
@ 2003-04-18 19:45:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:mest - another day

    ¤HEY AGAIN!!¤
    yea .. well i know i haven't written in this for a long time ... but w/e im back ....... and i kinda got sumthin to say ...... i'm kinda mad cuz theres this person ...... i'm not gonna name names i'll just call him "BOB" .. well bob has this gurl friend that bugs me and i don't really talk to bob alot and when i do talk to him or his girl friend i end up feeling really really bad cuz i feel like i can't be myself like i have to be someone else just for them to like me .. or i have to prove that i'm better than them and it realy makes me mad cuz i always end up gettin really mad at myself or mad at them ..... i was talking to walter bout this ... n he's like "fuck them .. who cares whats they think .. you don't have to prove anything to them you are better then them ...." so yea i'm kinda stayin away from bob and his gurl and i'm feelin better ... :D ..... newayz thats the only big thing i can think of right now ... the only other thing that hapened was yesterday i got my ewars pirced again..... thast 6 pircings now :D *score!* lol
    ciao ttyl

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