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Micha (acid_fairy6969) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 21:21:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:mudvayne - trapped in the wake of a dream

    pixs n quotes
    some quotes...

    "a simple touch, the look in your eyes, the sound of your voice they do something to me I’ve never felt but i dont ever want to leave"

    "you taught me many things like how it feels to miss someone so bad it feels like a part of you is missing"

    "and i promise i will try, can you promise me you'll try. but if this is a game i dont want to play, this means too much to me and you so far away, but i will wait for you we an see this through, now its up to you, please tell me do you feel the same wat too"

    "i dun care what anyone says .... as long as i'm ur gurl"

    "the pain never seems to fade"

    "You get me .. When nobody understands .. You come and hold my hand"

    "you understand me thats why i love you"

    "is your heart still mine .. ? i wanna cry sometimes"

    "i can't fight the feeling ... i need u .... i want u ....finally ready willing and able"

    "Loneliness is the worst feeling ever your all alone everything feels like it's closing in on you , your always sad and it hurts alot!!"

    "i'm givin u all i got but it doesn't seem to be enough...what do you want from me , just tell me you know i'll give u anything"

    "your my everything , your the reson i wake up , i think of u constintly....i'm givin u all i got"

    "am i yours ?? i don't know tell me if you want me or if i'm free"

    "i wonder how i can go on .. when i'v been hurt so much"

    "i'm lovin u cuz thats all i can do"

    "thinnking of you holding me makes me sad , knowing i can't be with you"

    "i know you had to go away ... I died just a little ... And I feel that now, you're the one I need ... I believe that I ... Would cry just a little ... Just to have you back now, here with me ... Here with me"

    "Lovin' Always, My baby Dan!"

    thats just some quotes to kinda let u in on how i'm feeling

    if you dun understand this page it's ok cuz i know not many people will u have to feel the way i feel to understand these quotes the way i do....


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