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kirs (ace3611) wrote,
@ 2003-12-14 17:05:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:"A Winter's Rose" - Hopesfall

    haven't updated in a while...just thought i would
    hmm let's see - i just got off the phone w/ adam. i have NOT talked to him in ages...the last time i saw him was new years eve last year. he was just talkin to me about how life is down in arizona [so jealous of him, so jealous] and he was kind of helping me out with finding some good apartments down there and whatnot. i'll tell you one thing- life is damn expensive. i guess if you've got the money, you're good. if not--you better find a way to keep yourself in the game, otherwise you're pretty much fucked. oh well - i have a pretty good idea on where i'll stay.
    let's see...overview of this week- not much happened. at ALL. payday was friday, but i got fucked over cos of thanksgiving break. friday nite was hella fun- cory's was pretty crazy...let's see, i saw andy and ryan (havent seen ryan since about june...) it was good to talk to them again. they've been pretty busy w/ school and all. if i didn't want to move to arizona so badly, i'd probably check out SVSU, from the sounds of it, it seems like a nice place.
    last nite was ginelle's- i decided that it wasn't worth driving all the way to mexico just to do what i did friday nite. [k so she doesnt really live in mexico, but it's way the hell out there.] from what i heard it was okay-people got kicked out so w/ my luck i would have gotten kicked out right as i got there. i just went christmas shopping all day and most of the nite- went back to k's w/ lisa, and jill- watched a...[dont make fun of me..;-P] mary-kate and ashley movie *blushes*...wasn't too bad. always a little corny, but i've seen worse. started watching pirates of the carribbean- fell asleep on the floor, woke up to a lot of snow on the ground which was pretty okay.
    this is the LAST week until FFFFRRRREEEEDDDOMMMMMM yes. :) i'm real excited for break- it's my last one. well for high school, that is. anywho- im gonna get goin. help out w/ dinner and whatnot. i'll be on later, i have to go to my class online, and write 2 reports. soooo busy nite, but it'll be ok.
    later on

    love always~ kirs

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