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kirs (ace3611) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 14:27:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:"God Called In Sick Today" - AFI

    i never thought that the sound of crunching metal would sound so eerie. especially when me and my best friend were in the vehicle the sound was coming from.
    last nite was by far the scariest night that has ever taken place in my life. driving home after a long night..we found ourselves on the side of a bridge in the freezing cold.
    first of all- the show was excellent- i think the best one ive ever been to in my life. everyone was jamming, pitting, just havin a good time. kristy, jamie, brad and i were all supposed to go to CMU because my sister was having a huge birthday party for her roommate. so...we decided to leave the show after andtheskywentred was finished (they rocked the house)..but yea so we went there for like 5 minutes, then visited casey, brad, ervie, and matt at the bowling place nearby--we were on our way home and the roads on m-20 were really slick, but we were driving slow so it was okay. right when we got to the bridge coming into town, kris lost control of her jeep which sent us flying into the concrete barrier-smashing her side of the jeep..then she tried turning the wheel but ended up losing control again and crashed my side of the jeep into the other wall. we almost flipped over the bridge, but i hit my head on the dashboard quite a few times and got knocked out cold, so of course i dont remember a thing until the cops and ambulance came. damn what a nite. what a friggin nite. then like 5 minutes after everybody showed up, another car crashed behind us so that was scary as shit too.
    oh well- i have such a headache. we went to the auto shop this morning to look at her car and wow is it smashed. i feel so bad, she broke down and cried right there just looking at it, which is understandable cos it was pretty apalling.
    k well im going to go rest, then maybe take a shower at some point. lol. just need to get things off my mind.
    k, ttyl.
    love always~ kirs

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